IEEE International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES 2016) is being organized on 21-22 October 2016 by PPG Institute of Technology in association with Confyy at Coimbatore, India.ICCES will provide an outstanding international forum for sharing knowledge and results in all fields of Engineering and Technology. ICCES provides quality key experts who provide an opportunity in bringing up innovative ideas. Recent updates in the in the field of technology will be a platform for the upcoming researchers. The conference will be Complete, Concise, Clear and Cohesive in terms of research related to Communication and Electronics systems.

All submitted papers will be peer reviewed. Accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore. Extended version of selected papers out of those presented at the conference will be encouraged for possible publication in special issues of peer reviewed international journals. Both academic world and industries are invited to present their papers dealing with state-of-art research and future developments.

Conference Program

More info about bus factility from Coimbatore Bus Stand/ Coimbatore International Airport / Railway Station can be found here.

Accommodation Details

Accommodation will be provided in PPG College Ladies and Boys Hostels.
Per day charges Rs.550 Including food.
Contact details for hostel accommodation:
Ladies Hostel:
Santhanamani - 99 420 49993
Gents Hostel:
kandasamy - 96 778 82369

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Important Dates

Paper Submission Due: 30 August 2016
Paper Acceptance Notification: 30 September 2016
Last date of registration: 30 September 2016
Conference Date: 21-22, October 2016


1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 1 (10.30 A.M - 12.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1MU101Extraction Of Target Parameters Using Underwater Electric Field Analysis Anil kumar P, B.Chandra mouli, S.Ganesh, Sanjaya Kumar Swain
2MU102Web Service Discovery based on IR Models: A Review Arnab Paul, Sudipta Roy, Monowar Hussain
3MU103A Comparative Study of Meta Heuristic Approach for Cutting Stock Problem AsvanyTandabani,KalaiPriyan Thirugnanasambandam,S. Janakiraman,Sujatha Pothula
4MU104Acoustic emission signal conditioning and analysis using digital storage oscilloscope Chandan K. Bhagat, Nilangshu K. Das, Mukhopadhyay C. K, B. Purna Chandra Rao
5MU105Valve Response under Influence of pH on an Evapotranspiration Model Faruk Bin Poyen, Dr. Apurba Kumar Ghosh, Dr. Palash Kundu, Kausik Sen
6VE501Low Power CMOS Cell Structures Based On Adiabatic Switching Ankita Mishra
7VE502Parallel Prefix Adders-A Comparative Study for Fastest Response Aradhana Raju, Richi Patnaik,Ritto Kurian Babu,Purbi Mahato
8VE503A New Method of Reconfigurable ADC Using Calibrated Programmable Slopes Jayamala Adsul, P.P. Vaidya, J.M. Nair
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 1 (10.30 A.M - 12.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1COM201Channel Selection In Cognitive Radio Networks Using Exploration Order And Stopping Rule Aniji John, Anitha P Mathew
2COM202An improved Advanced Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy for a dense Wireless Sensor Network Ankit Thakkar
3COM203An effective composite PAPR reduction technique of OFDM by using DFT precoding with piecewise linear companding Aravinda Swamy Lakamana, A.Mallikarjuna prasad
4COM204An Efficient Transceiver Optimization based Routing Technique for Wireless Sensor Network Arun L. Kakhandki, Shivaraj Hublikar, Dr. Priyatamkumar
5COM205Security Analysis of Software Defined Wireless Network Monitoring with sFlow and FlowVisor Asma Islam Swapna, Md Rezaul Huda Reza, Mainul Kabir Aion
6COM206Design of an ANT based Routing algorithm for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks B. Jayalalitha, Dr. P. Chenna Reddy
7HC301An Automated Framework for Stroke and Hemorrhage Detection Using Decision Tree Classifier D. VijayaKumar,Dr V.V. Jaya Rama Krishniah
8HC302An Efficient Data Mining Classification Approach for Detecting Lung Cancer Disease Divya Chauhan, Varun Jaisawal
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 1 (10.30 A.M - 12.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1CP401Load Balancing In Cloud Computing Using Optimization Techniques: A Study Akash Dave, Prof Bhargesh Patel and Prof. Gopi Bhatt
2CP402Protection on Sensitive Information in Cloud Cryptography algorithms Bommala Harikrishna, Dr.S.Kiran, R.Pradeep Kumar Reddy
3CP403An Analysis of Load Balancing Algorithms in the Cloud Environment Chintureena Thingom, Dr. Ganesh Kumar, and Dr. Guydeuk Yeon
4CP404A Study of Big Data Characteristics Gayatri Kapil, Alka Agrawal, R. A. Khan
5CP405Data Recovery Through Indexing in Cloud Computing Gadave Hanmant Pandurang, Chavan Suvarna Bhimrao, Pravin Chothe
6SP601Jasmine Flower Segmentation: A Superpixel Based Approach Abinaya A , Dr.S.Mohamed Mansoor Roomi
7SP602A Comprehensive Review On Sparse Representation For Image Classification In Remote Sensing Bhuvaneswari. N.R , Dr. Sivakumar.V.G
8SP603Swift Single Image Super Resolution Using Deep Convolution Neural Network Dalvadi Jigar A
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 1 (10.30 A.M - 12.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1SP625A Novel Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Algorithm Based On Self-Organizing Feature Map Neural Network Model ShenghaoTang, TongLi, Xinghao Cheng
2SP626A Novel Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Algorithm Based On Image Fusion And Wavelet Theory Xiangchen Yan, Haoming Liu, Chenxian Wang
3SP627Review On The Data Mining Technology And The Applications On Financial Analysis Area Xiaoyu Liu, Zhe Huang, Bo Tong
4SP628Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Flight Control System based on DSP and Adaptive Control Theory Pengfei Liu, Zhihao Li, Chen Cui
5SP629A Novel Image Segmentation Algorithm based on Visual Saliency Detection and Integrated Feature Extraction Weiting Liu, Xueqing, Jian Zhou
6SP630The Development of Markov Random Field Theory and Applications on Image Segmentation Algorithm Renqian Zhang,Yuru Huang, Sirui Fu
7SP631A Novel Natural Image Segmentation Algorithm based on Markov Random Field and Improved Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Method Ming Yan,Zilu Wang
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 2 (01.30 P.M - 03.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1MU106Microaneurysm Identification using Cross Sectional Profile Analysis with Optic Disc Removal G.Nagarjuna Reddy, K. Durga Ganga Rao
2MU107Decisive Approach to Improve Performance in XML Tree with Database Client Gajanan Patle, Prof. Pragati Patil
3MU108Image Super Resolution And Contrast Enhancement Using Curvlet's With Cycle Spinning Murali Krishna, Dr C. Narasimham, Dr T.Bhaskar Reddy
4MU109A Proficient Solar Panel Efficiency Measurement System: Using Current Measurements Trupti Ganesh Patil, Asokan S.
5VE504Design, Implementation and Analysis of 4-Bit Look Ahead Carry Adder using Adiabatic and Stacking Techniques Kapil Mangla, Prof. (Dr.) Anil Kumar
6VE505FPGA Implementation of Image Encryption and Decryption Using AES 128-Bit Core Priyankamanikyam, Dr.A.R.Reddy
7VE506Development of SOC for Interfacing Avionics Units with ARINC 429 Bus Rahul Vyas, Anup Bhattacharjee, Anshul Khandelwal
8VE519Theoretical Analysis of Voting Systems Sonti Dinesh Kumar, Patchava Vamsikrishna, Akshat Tyagi, Dinesh Bommisetty, Hari Babu Kandala
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 2 (01.30 P.M - 03.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1COM207Performance Comparison of TCP, UDP and SCTP in a Wired Network D.Madhuri, Prof P.Chenna Reddy
2COM208Performance Evaluation of VoIP Services over UMTS-Network with Differentiated UMTS Bearer Services Dhawa Sang Dong, Anand Gachhadar
3COM209Optimization of Energy in Wireless Sensor Networks using Clustering Techniques Dr .L.Nirmala Devi , A.Nageswar Rao
4COM210Effective Data Sharing using Advanced Ring Signature with Forward Security E. Chandanapriya and G. Murali
5COM211Performance Evaluation of video streaming using TFRC, Modified TFRC over Wired Networks E.Priyanka, Prof P.Chenna Reddy
6COM212Time Domain Suppression Scheme of Narrowband Interference Based on Narrowband OFDM Power Line Communications Fang Fang, Zhanxin Yang
7HC303An Efficient Discriminant Techniques for Face Recognition G Bala Anajneyulu , K Durga Ganga Rao
8HC304Non-linear EEG correlates of route learning in virtual maze Greeshma Sharma ,Rishabh Saxena, Sushil Chandra, Vijander Singh, Yash Kaushal, Alok Prakash Mittal
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 2 (01.30 P.M - 03.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1CP406Particle Swarm Optimization Based Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Jigna Acharya , Manisha Mehta, Baljit Saini
2CP407A Novel Technique Using Slot Configuration on Hadoop Clusters K. Hemalatha, G. Murali
3CP408Hybrid Soft Computing Approach for Energy Efficiency in Cloud Computing Kumari Parul Jasuja, Khushdeep Kaur
4CP409An Evidence Multi-copy Dynamic Data Possession in Multi Cloud Computing System Manasa. A, S.Jessica Saritha
5SP604Improving Webpage Visibility by Enhancing Massive Semantic Content Using On-page Optimization Technique Deepak Sharma, Meenakshi Bansal
6SP605ANN Controller For Harmonic Reduction In Grid Connected Systems Hemakesavulu.O, Sai Sandeep.M, Santhi Durganjali.C
7SP606Improvised hybrid model for user navigation pattern prediction Janisa Colaco, Jayashri Mittal
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 2 (01.30 P.M - 03.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1SP632Application of Visual Saliency and Feature Extraction Algorithm applied in Large-scale Image Classification Jingjing Tang,Yi Ge,Yizhong Liu
2SP633Review Of The Sparse Coding And The Applications On Image Retrieval JingyuanZhao,ZhangSihao,Zeng Jing
3SP634Research on the Intrusion Detection Algorithm centered on Active Learning and Rough Sets GuoJinguangZixuWang,Yaoyuan Zhang
4COM249Review on the development and future trend of the intrusion detection system (IDS) JiahaoZhang,TingyangSun,Yumeng Yang
5SP635Analysis and validation of massive image data parallel computing model based on GPU LixiaoMa,YirongZhou,Shuai Wang
6SP636Network Power Planning Model Analysis for Large-Scale Transmission Expansion based on Mathematical Optimization Theory KengjianLi,YuchuanChen,Yuxin Chen
7SP637Prediction model based on improved particle swarm optimization algorithm analysis and its application scenario building GeYi,ZhileYu,Weiran Lin
8SP638Research on the big data mining algorithm based on modified neural network and structure optimized genetic algorithm Yi Liang, Xiangyun Cai, Zilun Xiong
9SP639Design and Monitoring Of an Acoustic Pest Trap Alphina Stephy. S
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 3 (03.45 P.M - 06.15 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1MU110Implementation of Web Image Search Portal with Automated Concealed Annotation K.Sankar and Dr.G.N.K.Sureshbabu
2MU111Poisson Noise Removal From Medical Images Using Fractional Integral Mask Liya Ancel, Rithu James
3MU112Comparative Performance Analysis of FIR and IIR Filters Based on Error Correction Codes M.Kasaiah, Dr.K.Babulu
4MU113A Novel Technique For Content Based Image Retrieval Using Color, Texture And Edge Features Manpreet kaur, Neelofar sohi
5VE507Analysis of Multifin n-FinFET for Analog Performance at 30nm Gate Length Reena S. Sonkusare and S. S. Rathod
6VE508An Advanced Architecture with Low Complexity of Partially Parallel Polar Encoder U.Mahendra Narasimha Raj , E.V Narayana
7VE509Effect of Interconnect Parasitic Variations on Circuit Performance Parameters C. Venkataiah, Dr. K. Satya Prasad, Dr. T. Jaya Chandra Prasad
8 COM241Effective Design of a parametrical security model for Digital Signatures using Cryptography B.Anandapriya, Dr. Ananathi Sheshasaayee
9COM242An Efficient Model to Limit Vehicle Speed using Wireless Technology Srivas M C, Akshay R S, Ashwin Krishna, Rajeshwari Hegde
10 COM243A Scheme for Detecting the Types of Misbehaviour and Identifying the Attacks using Reputation Mechanism in a Mobile Ad-hoc Network Pournami Maheshwaran, Sangeetha Rajagopal
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 3 (03.45 P.M - 06.15 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
2COM214Distant Biometry In Cattle Farm Using Wireless Sensor Networks Jegadeesan S, Prasanna Venkatesan G K D
3COM215Prediction And Papr Reduction In Precoded Mimo-Ofdm Jyothy Lekshmi, Renu Jose, Preenu Ann P
4COM216Efficient Analytical Architecture for Sensor Networks Using Hadoop K. Lavanya and G.Murali
5COM217Consistently Neighbor Detection for MANET M. Rajesh and J. M. Gnanasekar
6COM218Dynamic Search Technique Used for Improving Passive source routing protocol in MANET Naga Gopi Raju.V , 2Dr.Kolasani Ramchand H Rao
7HC305Feature Extraction and selection from MRI Images for the brain tumor classification Kailash D Kharat, Vikul J Pawar, Suraj R Pardeshi
8HC306Segmentation in multiple levels for extracting salient regions of human body from single images M.Sruthi , Dr.I. Santi Prabha
9 COM240 Wideband Circularly Polarized MSA with L-Strip Feed and Shorting Probes Kishor Biradar , Pratik Mhatre
10 COM245Loyalty Pair Neighbors Selection based Adaptive Re-transmission Reduction in MANET Routing Chandia. S, Dr. M. Devapriya
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 3 (03.45 P.M - 06.15 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1CP410An Enhanced approach for securing Authorized Deduplication in Hybrid clouds Mounika. A and G.Murali
2CP411Social Network Analysis for Efficient Cloud Data Access N.Himaja And G.Murali
3CP412A Survey Of Data Visualization Tools For Analyzing Large Volume Of Data In Big Data Platform R.S. Raghav ,Sujatha Pothula,T. Vengattaraman,Dhavachelvan Ponnurangam
4CP413Auditing For Shared Dynamic Cloud Data with Group User Revocation Riyaz. T and S.J. Saritha
5SP607Approximation of Digital Circuits Using Cartesian Genetic Programming Kagana.Sarath Babu and N.Balaji
6SP608Greedy Based Population Seeding Technique in Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm KalaiPriyan. T
7SP609A Study and Scrutiny of Diverse Optimization Algorithm to Solve Multi-Objective Quadratic Assignment Problem M. Rajeswari, S. Jaiganesh, P. Sujatha, T. Vengattaraman, P. Dhavachelvan
8CP430Proficient Capability Of QKD In Wi-Fi Network System Implementation B.Sujatha, Dr.S.Viswanadh raju
9VE521Hardware Based MD5 Implementation Using VHDL for Secured Embedded and VLSI Based Designs Irfan Landge and B.K. Mishra
1st DAY:OCTOBER 21 (Friday), 2016
SESSION 3 (03.45 P.M - 06.15 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1SP640A novel remote sensing image change detection algorithm based on self-organizing feature map neural network model Shenghao Tang, Tong Li, Xinghao Cheng
2SP641Exchange rate prediction model analysis based on improved artificial neural network algorithm Shuheng Wang,Ziqi Tang, Binghao Chai
3SP642Research on the Novel Pattern Clustering Algorithm based on Particle Swarm Optimized Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network Model Zhaoxi Zheng, Zeling Wu, Miao Yu
4SP643Network planning model analysis based on mathematical optimization theory Yue Zhang,Yunke Zhang,Wanlong Xu
5SP644An Intelligent Approach For Energy Management In Sensor Device Ms.C.Padmavathy
6SP645Research on the high robustness data classification and the mining algorithm based on hierarchical clustering and KNN Haohang Li, Shen Wang, Rui Tang
7SP646A novel remote sensing image change detection algorithm based on Markov random field theory Tian Yan, Zhuo Liu, Lingzi Zhou
8SP647Super-resolution reconstruction based on compressed sensing and deep learning model Dan Sun, Tianyang Zhang, Lisha Chen
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION IV(09.30 A.M - 11.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1MU114A novel approach to provide Web page recommendation using domain knowledge and web usage knowledge Ms.Priyanka Kolekar,Prof.Suchita Wankhade
2MU115Image Encryption And Decryption In Rns Domain Based On {2n, 22n+1-1, 2n+1, 2n-1} Moduli Set P.V.Narasa Reddy, Rajasekhar Karumuri
3MU116Statistical Approaches in parsing for Telugu language Palli Suryachandra, Prof. P.Venkatasubbareddy
4MU117A review of different power converter topologies for PMSGs Wind Turbine Pooja Sanjay Chimurkar, Pranjali Kothavade
5VE510Performance Optimization of Basic Building Blocks using Graphene Nanoribbon FETs Ale Imran
6VE511PowerShare:A Distributed Processing System for Android Devices Vignesh Pradeepkumar,Shubham Jayawant,Khoshrav Doctor,Prof.Sanjay Vidhani
7VE512Implementation Of Gesture Based Voice And Language Translator For Dumb People Anusha Lagadapati and Usha Devi Yalavarthi
8CP431An Approach to Introduce Basics of A Cloud Service Provider Jigar Patel, Ankit Chouhan
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION IV(09.30 A.M - 11.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1COM219Implementation of security algorithm for wireless sensor networks over multimedia images Neha Bisht, Joel Thomas, Thanikaiselvan V
2COM220Network Architecture and QoS Study on Software Defined LTE Vehicular Networks Perumalraja Rengaraju and Chung-Horng Lung
3COM221Detecting Collaborative Attacks by Malicious Nodes in MANET : An Improved Bait Detection Scheme Pooja L. Chelani , Sudhir Bagde
4COM222Comparison of PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM systems Preenu Ann P, Renu Jose
5COM223Multi-Band Vivaldi Antenna for Wireless Communication Rahul Kumar
6COM224Modified Version of XTS ( XOR-Encrypt-XOR with Ciphertext Stealing ) Using Tweakable Enciphering Scheme Rashmita Padhi
7HC307An Efficient Recombined Fingerprint Mechanism for Peer To Peer Content Sharing M.Vasanthi
8HC308Automatic Tissue Segmentation of Neonatal Brain MRI Maryjo M George, Kalaivani S
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION IV(09.30 A.M - 11.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1CP414A privacy and dynamic multi keyword ranked search scheme over cloud data encrypted Saiharitha. V and S.J.Saritha
2CP415Design and Implementation of IoT Testbed with Three Factor Authentication Salika Mary Sujatha And Yalavarthi Usha Devi
3CP416Design and Implementation of Real Time Sesurity Surveillance System Using IoT Siddi Naga Jyothi And Kancharla Vijaya Vardhan
4CP417Enhancing Information Security in Cloud Computing Environment Using Elliptical Curve Cryptographic Techniques Suraj R Pardeshi,Vikul J Pawar, Kailash D Kharat
5SP610Multiple Saw Tooth Shaped DGS Integrated Compact Circular Patch Antenna for 2.4/5.2/5.8 GHz WLAN Band Mrinmoy Chakraborty, Srijita Chakraborty, P Soni Reddy, Susamay Samanta
6SP611Entity Recognition In Assamese Text Nandana Mahanta, Sourish Dhar and Sudipta Roy
7SP612Lossless Image Compression for storage reduction using Pollination Based Optimization Priyanka Jindal, Rajbhupinder kaur
8COM246k-Nearest Neighbor Queries in Wireless Broadcast Environments M.Veeresha and M.Sugumaran
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION V (11.30 A.M - 1.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1MU118Selection of Customers for a message Transmission System Pranav Lapsiwala / Dhaval Gajjar
2MU119Improvised volatility shift detector by drift detection in data streams Priyadarshini I Kuchanur,Neha Soni
3MU120A Survey on Nature Inspired Meta-Heuristic Algorithms with its Domain Specifications Rajakumar. R,KalaiPriyan. T,Sujatha. P,Vengattaraman. T
4MU121A Comparative Study of Silence and Non Silence Regions of Speech Signal Using Prosody Features Rakesh. Ch, R.Rajeswara Rao and S.Radha Krishna
5VE513Design And Implementation Of Smart Home Energy Including Renewable Energy J Yamini and Y Ratna babu
6VE514Design And Implementation Of Real Time Vehicle Monitoring, Tracking And Controlling System Jyothi. Pudota, G.Harish
7 MU130Duty-cycle beyond Three stimulation frequencies effect based on evoked signal of SSVEP paradigms Mustafa Aljshamee, Peter Luksch
8 CP432 Big Data Environment for Geospatial Data Analysis P.Praveen Ch.Jayanth babu B.Rama
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION V (11.30 A.M - 1.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1COM225Robustic public key cryptosystem for Space Data communication Smitha Sasi, Dr L Swarnajyothi
2COM226Modelling and Performance Analysis of RF Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio Networks Sushil B. Ronghe, Varada Potnis Kulkarni
3COM227XORSTEG: A New Model of Text Steganography Tapodhir Acharjee, Ashish Konwar, Rakesh Kumar Ram,Rahul Sharma, Dhrubajyoti Goswami
4COM228Performance Evaluation of TFRC for Video Streaming over Wireless Network Thambakuri Samatha and Prof. P. Chenna Reddy
5COM229Comparative Study of Hierarchy Energy Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network Tushar Chauhan Meenakshi Nayyer
6HC309A Comprehensive Survey of Security Mechanisms in Healthcare Applications Mr. D. Stalin David , Dr.A.Jeyachandran
8HC311Design and implementation of health monitoring system for the patient using ARM7 Sara. Ch & Mrs. J.V Priyadarsini
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION V (11.30 A.M - 1.30 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1CP418Parameters for comparing cloud service providers : a comprehensive analysis Viji Rajendran V
2CP419Structuring Cloud Computing Using Big Data Analytics Solution: A Survey Vikul J Pawar, Kailash D Kharat, Suraj R Pardeshi
3CP420An Artificial Neural Network Enhanced Semantic Variable Length Markov Chain Model (ANNSVLMC) for Web Navigation Session Mining Ms.R.Rooba, Dr.V.Valli Mayil
4CP421A novel artificial fish swarm algorithm for pattern recognition with convex optimization Lei Shi,Rui Guo,Yuchen Ma
5SP613A Double Leasing Policy With Boosted Pattern Technique Raghunath Kumar Babu.D , S.J.Saritha
6SP614Generation of Optimal Random Fields for Image Segmentation using Fuzzy Multi-Region Technique Rambabu Pemula, C. Naga raju
7SP615Pattern document weight discovery for text classification mining S.Brindha, K.Prabha, S.Sukumaran
8SP616Video Object Segmentation: A survey Sasithradevi. A, S. Mohamed Mansoor Roomi, M. Mareeswari
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION VI(01.45 P.M - 03.45 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1MU122Improved Clustering Technique using Metadata for Text Mining Ramya Elizabeth Thomas and Shamsuddin S Khan
2MU123Improvised Image Scrambling Technique With Shuffling Of Pixel Values And Position Sayali S Pawar Swati Nandusekar
3MU124Data Retrieval with Secure CP-ABE in Splittened Storage Sharayu Nivrutti Bonde , Rahul Gaikwad
4MU125Application of Quintic Order Parabolic Arcs in the Analysis of Waveguides with Arbitrary Cross-Section Tattwa Darshi Panda, K. V. Nagaraja, Dhanesh. G. Kurup, V. Kesavulu Naidu, and Sarada Jayan
5VE515Automation of Plastic,Metal and Glass Waste Materials Segregation using arduino in Scrap Industry Mohammed Rafeeq,Ateequrrahman,Sanjar Alam,Mikdad P
6VE516ELECTRONIC ACCIDENT PREVENTION SYSTEM: Using High End Tilt Indicator Nikhil Kumbhar, Ravikumar Bandgar, Mayur Yelpale
7 CP433 Secure Cloud Auditing over Encrypted Data Sarah Shaikh, Deepali Vora
8 VE520Implementation of Adaptive Model Predictive Controller and Model predictive control for temperature Regulation and concentration tracking of CSTR. Smt.U.V.Ratnakumari, M.Babu Triven
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION VI(01.45 P.M - 03.45 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1COM230Authentication of base station by HDFS using Trust based model in WSN Vijay Paul Singh ,Muzzammil Hussain, Charanjeet Kour
2COM231Energy Efficient Reliable Route Selection (RRS) Algorithm for Improving MANET Lifetime Mr. Deshkar Rao Adkane
3COM232Analytical Study and Realization of Microstrip Parallel Coupled Band pass Filter at 2 GHz Vipul Dabhi, Ved Vyas Dwivedi
4COM233Intelligent Context Handover Mechanism for Wi-Fi/Wi-Max HetNet Environment Divya.Parambanchary,V.Malleshwara Rao
5COM234Replacing RF with VLC in Hand Held Mobile Networks - Using Solar Powered Light Communication with Network Planning Shruthi Achut, Supritha S, Yashaswini M, Poojashree P, Vivekraj K
6HC312Blood Leakage Monitoring System in Hemodialysis Therapy Sathiya Devi.G.S
7HC313Speech recognition based robotic system of wheelchair for disable people. Smita Upase
8HC314Implementation Of EEG Based Driver's Attention Tracking And Habitats Monitoring System Thotti Pallavi, Gollaprolu Harish
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION VI(01.45 P.M - 03.45 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1CP422SHE Controlled CHB 7-Level Inverter with Equal & Unequal DC Sources using C-Genetic Algorithm Mr. V. Joshi Manohar
2CP423Augmented Line Segment Based Algorithm for Constructing Rectilinear Steiner Minimum Tree Vani V
3CP424Big Data Research in Climate Science Radhika T V
4CP425Adaptive Clustering Mechanism With Trust Enabled Data Propagation For Realization Of Secure Vanets Heena Goyal
5SP617Ant based routing algorithm for videostreaming Shoban Babu Pasunuti, Dr. P.Chennareddy
6SP618Semantic Interference Method Using Ontologies Tejaswi T and G Murali
7SP619Cost Optimization Component Selection Approach For Component Based Self-Adaptive Software Architecture Using Component Repository Y. Mohana Roopa
8SP620Non-negative matrix based optimization scheme for blind source separation in automatic speech recognition system Santosh Kumar S
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION VII (04.00 P.M - 06.00 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1MU126Memristors Act as Synapses in Neuromorphic Architectures Amit Saha
2MU127An Efficient Modified Booth Recoder for Different Applications Vadithe Madhubai, G.Sumalatha
3MU128Content Based Image Retrieval Using Feature Extracted From Dot diffusion Block Truncation Coding Nandkumar Admile
4MU129Analysis on Developmental Trend of Multimedia Data Capturing and Transmission Mode and the Applications on Interaction Field Pengkun Wu
5VE517An implementation of Embedded Web Server in farming sector Sariga. A, S. Jaiganesh, T. Vengattaraman, P.Sujatha
6VE518A Novel Dynamic Traffic Management System using On Board Diagnostics and Zigbee Protocol Sujit.H.Ramachandra, K.Nitesh.Reddy, Vivek.R.Vellore, Sumanth Karanth, Tareesh Kamath
7 SP626Combined Analysis Of Support Vector Machine And Principle Component Analysis For IDS M.Chithik Raja, Dr. M.Munir Ahmed Rabbani
8 COM247 Low overheads in mesh-based multicast ad hoc routing S.Gayathri Devi and Dr.A.Marimuhtu
9MU131Verifying Performance of PCI Express in a System for Multi Giga Byte per Second Data Transmission. Sai Raghavendra Mantripragada, Prasanth Mopuri
10MU132RLC Circuit Simulation and Monte Carlo Analysis in MATLAB Nikhil Chhabria, Adhishree Jaiprakash, Karan R. Motwani and Raghuram Srinivasan
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION VII (04.00 P.M - 06.00 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1COM235Enhancement in DiDrip Protocol to Securely Disseminate Data in Wireless Sensor Network Pooja M.Shukre
2COM236Six Column Based Authentication With Common Column Algorithm For Gsm Network Staffy Jain
3COM237An Efficient Security For Privacy Information Through Hiding Data In Encrypted Compressed Videobit Streams S.Lokesh
4COM238Performance analysis of Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 active directory server in consolidated virtualised environment on IBM's HS22 high performance blade Gopi Bhatt, Dr. Madhuri Bhavsar
5COM239Behaviour of Metamaterial Antenna Under The Influence of Genetic Algorithm - Design, Modelling and Modelling of Microstrip Antenna with EBG and GA Bikash Ranjan Beheraand Priyadarshi Suraj
6HC315Case Based Reasoning Model in the Diagnosis of Psychiatric Disorder Preeti Singh
7HC316Analysis of Fractional Tools on EEG Compression C R Midhun Raj
8HC317An Artificially Intelligent System to Provide Healthcare Services to Society and Medical Assistance to Doctors Shubham Jayawant
9MU133Future Blackboard using Internet of Things with Cognitive Computing Narendra Santhosh
2nd DAY: OCTOBER 22 (Saturday), 2016
SESSION VII (04.00 P.M - 06.00 P.M)
S.NoPaper idTitleAuthor(s) Name
1CP426Research on the Fuzzy Model of E-learning based Data Mining and Data Mining Technology under the Environment of Cloud Computing Wan Chuan
2CP427Network Security Intrusion Detection System based on Incremental Improved Convolutional Neural Network Model Chao Deng, Haiye Qiao
3CP428Survey on various small file handling strategies on Hadoop B.Santhosh Kumar
4CP429Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization For Best Schedule In Algorithmic Level Synthesis Shilpa K.C
5SP621Image Re-Ranking Using Sift Feature Nita Annasaheb Jaybhaye, Prof. S.G. Shikalpure
6SP622A Novel Hardware Efficient Algorithm for Impulse Noise Filtering with Motion Estimation Madhura.S, Suresh K
7SP623Visual Object Tracking Using Discriminative Correlation Filter V.Ramalakshmi @ Kanthimathi
8SP624A Novel Visible Image Fusion Algorithm based on Down sampling Fractional Wavelet Transform and Shearlet Transform Qiang Ji , Haoguang Zhao
9COM248A Novel Approach towards Hardware and Software Co-Design Perspective for Low Power Communication Centric RF Transceiver in Wireless Sensor Node Sanjay S.Khonde,Dr.Ashok Ghatol,Dr.S.V.Dudul

Call for Papers

Original and high quality research papers are solicited in all areas of Electronics, Computer and Communication Systems. We seek research full papers and posters on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

Theme: Future Communication and Electronics Systems

Communication and Computer Systems

  • Coding Techniques for 3G & 4G

  • UWB Systems

  • Digital Multimedia Systems

  • Airborne Vehicle Communication

  • Antenna Systems

  • Signal & Image Processing

  • Telemetry & Tele command Systems

  • Optical Communication

  • Satellite Technology

  • Wireless Networks

  • Spectrum Management

  • Biomedical Signal Processing

  • MIMO Systems

  • Microwave Systems

  • Electromagnetics Engineering

  • Cryptography

  • Switching

  • IOT

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Computing

  • Health care Informatics

Electronic and Electrical Systems

  • Reconfigurable Systems

  • Analog/Digital/Mixed-signal Circuits

  • VLSI for DSP

  • Biomedical Applications

  • ASIC & SOC

  • CAD for VLSI

  • RF Circuit Design


  • MMIC & CMOS Circuits

  • Nano-fabrication & Computing

  • Materials for Electronics

  • Integration of Electronic Systems

  • Instrumentation for Communication

  • Biomedical Sensors & Instrumentation

  • Embedded Systems

  • Industrial Instrumentation

  • Industrial Electronics

  • Power Electronics

  • Opto Electronics

  • Nano Electronics

  • Bio-computation Techniques

Conference Chair

Confyy, India and
Professor, Department of ECE,
Axis College of Engineering and Technology, India.

Organzing Secretary

Professor, Department of ECE,
PPG Institute of Technology,
Coimbatore, India.

Advisory Committee

  • Dr.Joy chen, Dayeh University, Taiwan.
  • Dr. A. Khaled A Kamel, Texas Southern University, USA.
  • Mr. Reijo Savola, VTT Research Centre, Finland.
  • Dr. Tugrul Yanik, Celal Bayar University, Turkey.
  • Dr. Robert Bestak,Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Dr.Vasile Avram, Bucharest University, Romania.
  • Dr. Mazlan Abbas, REDtone IOT Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.
  • Dr.KyungHi Chang, INHA University, Korea.
  • Dr.Michel Plaisent,University of Quebec in montreal, Canada.
  • Dr.D.Nirmal, Karunya University, India.
  • Dr.V.Suma, Dayananda Sagar Institute, India.
  • Mr.Ayyappan, HAL, India.
  • Mr.C.Sudhir, HP, Bangalore, India.
  • Dr.S.Jennifer, Karunya University, India.
  • Dr.Vinoth Kanna, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India.
  • Dr.Durai Pandian, SCAD Institute of Technology, India.
  • Dr.BH.Sekar, Mangalore University, India.
  • Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Thapar University, India
  • Dr.S.Saravanakumar, Mahindra Research Valley, India.
  • Dr.K.Elangovan, Country Head, NAFEMS India Operations.
  • Dr.Joby, PPG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India.
  • Dr. Sunny Joseph Kalayathankal, K. E. College, Mannanam, Kottayam, India.
  • Dr. Shyam Akashe, ITM University, Gwalior, India.
  • Dr. Venkata Ramana Mudinepalli, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan.
  • Prof. Dr. Ali M. Eltamaly, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Dr.Hui Ming Wee, Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean and Chaplain, Chung Yuan Christian University.
  • Dr.Hui Ming Wee, Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean and Chaplain, Chung Yuan Christian University.
  • Pavel Lafata,Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Dr. Afreen,Lincoln University College,Malaysia.
  • Dr. Aung,Lincoln University College,Malaysia.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Due: 30 August 2016
Paper Acceptance Notification: 30 September 2016
Last date of registration: 30 September 2016
Conference Date: 21-22, October 2016

Paper Submission

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Accepted papers will be published conference proceedings.

Extended version of the shortlisted papers will be recommended for publication in reputed journals.

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PPG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India.

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All the applications must be reached to us on or before two months of the conference date.
For selected members an approval letter is issued and after the conference (submission of conference certificate, airline ticket and visa copy) the amount will be reimbursed.


Indian Authors: INR. 5000 (IEEE Members)
Indian Authors: INR.6000 (Non IEEE Members)
Listener/Second Author: INR. 2500
Foreign Authors: 200 USD (IEEE Members)
Foreign Authors:250 USD (Non IEEE Members)
Foreign Listener:100 USD (Non IEEE Members)

Travel grant also supported for selected best student papers .(Applicable for all UG/PG/Ph.D Scholars)

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Key Note

Dr. Sudip Misra,Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

Dr.D.Nirmal, Associate Professor, Department of ECE, Karunya University, India.

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Conference Chair
Confyy, India and
Professor, Department of ECE,
Axis College of Engineering and Technology, India.
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